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Aman Badiwal: Nurturing Dreams through Perseverance and Dedication

Aspiring Engineer’s Journey:

Allow us to introduce Aman Badiwal, a young and tenacious individual who is pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Aman’s journey to higher education is a story of determination and family support. His admission to the program was secured based on his outstanding performance in grade 12 in DPG Institute of technology and management, MDU University, Gurugram.

A Family’s Resilience: 

Aman’s family consists of his hardworking father, who tills a small piece of land, and his dedicated mother, who manages their home. In a world of uncertain incomes, they strive to make ends meet to provide for their family.

The Challenge of Income Documentation: 

One of the significant challenges Aman faces is the lack of income proof, as his father works on their small plot of land. This obstacle makes it difficult to establish their financial situation for the purpose of availing financial assistance.

Financial Support for College:

 Aman seeks support specifically for his college fees, which amount to 90,000/- per year. He is resourceful, using a tablet for his academic needs, but requires assistance to ensure his continued education.

Uncle’s Support and No Education Loan: 

Aman is fortunate to have his uncle’s backing, who has already paid his first semester fees. Despite this support, Aman’s uncle is not in favor of taking an education loan, emphasizing the importance of financial stability for Aman’s education.

A History of Academic Excellence: 

Aman’s commitment to education has been recognized since grade 6 when he became a DLF scholar. He has consistently displayed a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to his studies.

Pursuing Dreams in the Face of Challenges: 

Aman’s journey involves not only academic pursuits but also a strong desire to serve his nation. He has demonstrated exceptional commitment by attempting the NDA (National Defence Academy) entrance exams three times, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his goals. Despite not making it through the SSB (Services Selection Board) interviews, Aman remains undeterred, continually seeking improvement and growth. If he doesn’t succeed in his last attempt before graduation, he is determined to persist by exploring alternative avenues like the CDSE (Combined Defence Services Examination).

A Promising Future:

 Aman’s impressive performance in grade 12, along with his multiple attempts at NDA, reflects his aptitude and resolute focus. He is driven by the goal of serving his nation and is channeling his dedication into his B.Tech studies, considering it as his final opportunity to qualify for NDA before transitioning to CDSE.

Supporting Aman’s Dreams: 

By supporting Aman’s educational journey, you’re not just helping him achieve academic success; you’re investing in a determined young individual who aspires to contribute significantly to his nation’s defense and technology sectors.

Making a Difference: 

Join us in empowering Aman Badiwal as he strives to accomplish his dreams. Your generosity can provide him with the educational stability he needs to fulfill his potential and serve our country.

Contact Us: 

To make a donation or learn more about our scholarship program, please reach out to us at

Thank you for considering Aman’s inspiring journey and for being a part of his educational pursuit and commitment to national service. Your support plays a vital role in his quest for excellence.

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