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Aman Tiwari: A Bright Aspirant Pursuing His Passion for Computers

An Educational Odyssey:

 Meet Aman Tiwari, a determined young student who has embarked on a journey to Rewa in pursuit of higher education. Guided by the advice of a well-wishing uncle, he enrolled in what he believes is a promising college. His educational path has just begun, with his father covering only the initial admission fee, leaving the future uncertain.

A Father’s Dedication:

 Aman’s father is the sole breadwinner, employed at DLF. While the exact nature of his work and earnings remain unknown to Aman, his father’s commitment to supporting his education is undeniable.

A Willing Learner with All Preparations in Place: 

Aman is a dedicated and willing learner who is prepared to attend all required sessions. He possesses all the necessary documents, showcasing his readiness for the academic journey ahead.

Navigating Financial Constraints:

 With a family income ranging from 0-2.4 lakh, Aman understands the significance of a scholarship in shaping his educational future. He recognizes that scholarships are designed to support his education without the obligation of repayment. His financial needs extend beyond tuition fees to include exam fees, a laptop for academic purposes, accommodation, travel expenses, and daily sustenance.

Passion for Computers and Programming: 

Aman’s enthusiasm for computers and programming led him to pursue a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications). He aspires to master the intricacies of programming with the help of a supportive uncle. His decision to move away from home to focus on his studies reflects his dedication to his chosen field.

Awaiting Essential Resources: 

Despite his passion and commitment, Aman currently lacks a laptop. While his father has assured him of acquiring one in the coming months, it remains a crucial resource for his academic progress.

Empowering Aman’s Educational Journey: 

By supporting Aman’s education, you’re not just investing in one student; you’re investing in a passionate young individual with the potential to excel in the world of computers and programming.

Join Us in Nurturing Talent:

 Join us in empowering Aman as he embarks on his quest for knowledge and skill development in the realm of computer science. Your support can make a profound difference in his life and open doors to a brighter future.

Contact Us: 

To make a donation or learn more about our scholarship program, please reach out to us at

Thank you for considering Aman’s inspiring journey and for being an integral part of his educational pursuit. Your support can be the key to unlocking his path to success in the world of technology.

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