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Labya Praveen: A Beacon of Aspiration and Dedication in Medical Edu

Introducing Labya Praveen, a remarkable and driven medical student with a profound passion for homeopathic medicine. Her journey towards becoming a healer is nothing short of inspirational, characterized by unwavering determination and a compelling desire to make a meaningful impact in the world of healthcare.

A Father’s Tireless Efforts:

 Labya’s father, a dedicated salesman, diligently earns an income of 10,000 per month. His commitment to providing for his family is undeniable, but the financial demands of Labya’s education have grown substantial, necessitating additional support.

Navigating Financial Obstacles:

Labya is currently pursuing her BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) at KGK Homeopathic Medical College. The commencement of her second year in September brought not only academic expenses but also increased living and food costs, totaling approximately 6,000 per month. Urgently, she requires assistance to cover her second-year fees, ensuring her eligibility to sit for her upcoming exams scheduled for October-end.

A Family’s Simple Composition: 

Labya’s family consists of her hardworking father, who is a salesman, and her dedicated mother, who manages their home. Their combined monthly income of 10,000 is modest but must be stretched to meet their daily needs.

Seeking Additional Resources: 

Labya’s father’s brother occasionally lends a helping hand, but the family’s circumstances remain financially challenging. Labya is considering providing tuition to supplement her income, although her current residence in a girl’s PG, which does not permit outsiders, poses a unique challenge. In the past, she supported her education by offering tutoring services.

A Remarkable Journey of Self-Preparation: 

Labya’s story is one of resourcefulness and determination. She embarked on her NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation through YouTube, achieving an impressive score of 464 in her first attempt, all without formal coaching. With enhanced support and resources, she believes she could have pursued the esteemed MBBS degree.

Previous Scholarship Endeavors: 

Last year, Labya applied for the UP Scholarship, anticipating financial assistance of 30,000. Regrettably, unforeseen circumstances prevented her from receiving this vital support.

A Tenacious and Proficient Scholar:

 Labya stands as a testament to dedication and self-confidence. Proficient not only in her academic pursuits but also in fluent English communication, she demonstrates unwavering commitment to her education. As her second-year semester exams approach in mid-October, securing her fees remains her top priority.

Empowering Labya’s Journey: 

By supporting Labya’s education, you’re not only investing in one student’s future; you’re nurturing the promise of a compassionate healer who will bring healing and hope to countless individuals in need.

Becoming a Catalyst for Change: 

Join us in empowering Labya Praveen as she continues her inspiring journey toward becoming a healer. Your generosity can provide her with the financial stability she needs to turn her dreams into reality and create a profound impact on society.

Contact Us: 

To make a donation or learn more about our scholarship program, please reach out to us at.

Thank you for considering Labya’s extraordinary journey and for becoming an essential part of her educational pursuit. Your support has the potential to ignite her path to success.

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