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Meet Aayush Srivastav: A Promising Future Chemical Engineer

Aayush Srivastav is a young, determined individual who hails from a humble background in Gurugram. He embodies the aspirations of countless bright minds in our society who strive for a better future through education. Aayush’s story is one of ambition and perseverance.

Academic Excellence:

From a young age, Aayush has displayed remarkable academic prowess. His dedication to his studies and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned him recognition throughout his academic journey. Notably, he has been the recipient of the prestigious DLF scholarship since grade 6.

Dreams and Aspirations:

Aayush’s dreams are as vast as his potential. He has successfully secured admission in Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur to pursue a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, a course he is deeply passionate about. He envisions a future where he can contribute to advancements in the field and make a meaningful impact on society. 

Financial Hurdles:

Aayush’s family’s financial situation is a significant challenge. With a total family income between 0-2.4 lakhs, they face numerous obstacles in financing his higher education. His father, officially listed as a farmer earning a meager 4800/ per month, also supplements the family income with a cash job that pays 11,000/.

The Scholarship’s Vital Role:

Aayush understands that scholarships are vital to his educational journey. He recognizes that these funds will directly support his college fees, exam expenses, and essential costs such as accommodation and travel. His family is willing to support him with stay and food during his course, and they are open to exploring education loans if no other avenues work out.

Moving Away for Education:

Aayush is prepared to leave his home and move to Kanpur to pursue his education. His admission to B.Tech in Chemical Engineering was achieved through his outstanding performance in the JEE mains exam, a testament to his dedication and talent.

Future Financial Outlook:

Aayush’s total college fee for the first year amounts to Rs. 84,000/-. Additionally, his monthly expenses for stay and food are expected to be around 10,000/-. He is actively pursuing other scholarship opportunities, including UP State government scholarships, which will be possible once his college term begins.

Your Support Can Change Aayush’s Life:

By supporting Aayush’s educational journey, you have the power to transform his life and enable him to pursue his dreams of becoming a Chemical Engineer. Your contribution will directly impact his ability to access quality education and, in turn, uplift his family and community.

Donate Today:

Join us in making Aayush Srivastav’s dreams a reality. Your generosity can pave the way for a promising future and empower a determined young mind to reach new heights.

Contact Us:

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Thank you for considering Aayush’s story and for being a beacon of hope in his educational journey.

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