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Saksham Singh: A Resilient Scholar Poised for Success

A Family’s Unwavering Support:

 Meet Saksham Singh, a determined and ambitious student who is poised to achieve great success. His journey is marked by his family’s unwavering support, a testament to their belief in his potential. To enable him to continue his education, his family has taken loans from relatives, demonstrating their commitment to his dreams.

A Father’s Dedication:

 Saksham’s father works diligently in the private sector, striving to provide for their family. Their combined family income falls within the range of 2.4 lakh to 5 lakh per year, making each penny crucial in their pursuit of a brighter future.

An Eagerness to Learn: 

Saksham is a dedicated learner who is prepared to go the extra mile. He possesses all the necessary documents and is committed to attending all required sessions, ensuring he makes the most of his educational opportunities.

Financial Assistance for Education: 

Saksham is seeking a scholarship to cover his college fees, as he is already equipped with the necessary tools—a device for learning, access to books, and study materials. He commutes 16 kilometers to college daily, displaying his unwavering determination to pursue higher education.

The Hope for Scholarship: 

While Saksham was hopeful of receiving support from DLF, this did not come to fruition. Consequently, his family secured loans from relatives to cover the first-year fees. In case the scholarship does not materialize, they are open to considering an education loan, determined to ensure Saksham’s academic journey remains uninterrupted.

A Clear Path to Success:
Saksham’s resolve to study and secure a promising job is unwavering. He is acutely aware that maintaining high academic performance is crucial to the continuity of his scholarship—a responsibility he is more than ready to shoulder.

A Determined Scholar with Resources: 

Saksham’s resourcefulness is evident through his possession of a device, which he actively uses for studying. His commitment to learning and making the most of his opportunities shines through.

Empowering Saksham’s Journey: 

By supporting Saksham’s education, you’re not just investing in a student; you’re investing in a young individual with the potential to excel and contribute significantly to society. Your generosity can be the key to unlocking his path to success.

Join Us in Transforming Lives: 

Join us in empowering Saksham as he pursues his dreams of higher education and a brighter future. Your support can make a profound difference in his life and the lives of those around him.

Contact Us: 

To make a donation or learn more about our scholarship program, please reach out to us at

Thank you for considering Saksham’s remarkable journey and for being a vital part of his educational pursuit. Your support has the potential to change the course of his life.

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