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Ujala: A Resilient Spirit Striving for Education

A Mother’s Sacrifice and Determination:

 Meet Ujala, an unwavering student with dreams of becoming a teacher. Her educational journey has been shaped by her mother’s sacrifice and determination, as she navigates the complexities of life to provide her children with opportunities for a brighter future.

A Family’s Struggles and Strength:

 Ujala’s family is no stranger to adversity. Her mother, employed at SSPL company, earns a monthly income of 10,000, a testament to her determination to secure a stable future for her children. However, the family has faced challenges, with her father’s hostile behavior leading to their separation 15 years ago. While one sister is married, her brother remains with their father. Ujala and her younger sister rely solely on their mother’s unwavering support for their education.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles: 

With a family income ranging from 0-2.4 lakh, Ujala’s pursuit of higher education has encountered financial hurdles. She secured admission to Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan College, aiming to pursue a 4-year B.Ed program to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. However, the burden of a 10,000 admission fee and a 25,000 course fee for the first year looms large, causing her mother to suggest deferring her education for a year.

A Clear Path to Teaching: 

Despite the financial challenges, Ujala remains resolute about her chosen path – becoming a teacher. Her unwavering determination and clear focus on her goal shine through her determination to pursue a B.Ed degree.

A Pause in Pursuit of Dreams:

 Ujala currently lacks the means to pursue her higher education, which is a delay that weighs heavily on her aspirations.

Empowering Ujala’s Educational Odyssey:

 By supporting Ujala’s education, you’re not just investing in a student; you’re investing in a young woman with the potential to inspire and nurture the future generation through her teaching.

Join Us in Illuminating Futures:

 Join us in empowering Ujala as she embarks on her quest to become an educator and shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Your support can make a profound difference in her life and enable her to achieve her dreams.

Contact Us: 

To make a donation or learn more about our scholarship program, please reach out to us at

Thank you for considering Ujala’s extraordinary journey and for being a crucial part of her educational pursuit. Your support can be the beacon that guides her towards a brighter future.

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